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"Kaworu is a character shrouded in mystery, something that is unique and defines him is rejection, he rejected his initial purpose, he was an angel created by SEELE, transplanted into a human body, this nature of anglicism destined him for one thing, to create a third impact. This will wipe humanity of earth to create pathway for a higher more intelligent life form. He rejects this fate given on him for Shinji Ikari. The reason is Kaworu starts to harbour a love for Ikari and, overall mankind. He is taught humanity, once realising he cannot coexist with Ikari, he realises the best thing to do is to die for his love of humanity and Ikari. Something Ive wondered is why does Kaworu love Ikari? What is it about him that taught Kaworu these values, and given him some morality? The way that Ikari expresses pain is the key to this, Ikari lives with pain in his heart and Kaworu notices this, and how Ikari has defined his life with this pain subconsciously. This pain shapes his personality, behaviour and experiences. Its the reason Ikari runs away, why he is closed off and has a hatered for all. Kaworu has realised this isnt unique about Ikari, something he failed to notice is, all of humankind struggles with this kind of pain. Kaworus life was meticulous, and robotic being raised around machines and installing a bias against into him. Ikari conflicts this belief or bias by showing him the vulnerable and raw nature of humanity. This explains why Kaworu says hes Born to meet Shinji. As Ikari showed him values and pain. Ikari is an unlikeable character, so why is Kaworu so drawn to his vulnerability, his rawness and hatered or pain? Why does Kaworu love this about him. If we turn to how their relationship evolves we can see clearly why, Immediately when the two males meet Kaworu takes Ikari under his wing, under instinct and nurtures him as of a father or brother, because of Ikaris pain being raw, vulnerable and childlike, like a kicked puppy. Kaworu cares for Ikari in some of the most intimate ways you can. He bathes Ikari, sleeps with him, he makes him feel secure enough to open his heart to him. When Kaworu speaks his famous or infamous line of how he thinks Ikari is worth his grace This is what hes talking about, this grace is the key to understanding these two, and Kaworus love for Ikari, and why his pain inspires this love."